Culture Loss

Has MacDonalds come to your community?

Maybe the language in your hometown has been changed?


Do you know your great grandparents names?


In my family there have been cases where our names have not been recorded by government offices in the way we would have liked. 

 I would have been happy if this was a gone and finished story. 

Unfortunately it is still happening, now being a father myself it is happening with my family in Japan.

I wonder how many other people from other places and communities experience the same lifestyle without human rights?


'Don't fix it unless it is broken' - how far do people let it slide?


Something from Mr Dowdle at Forest View High School,  NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard - may help to explain...


The same rules for everyone would be a great start.


What we lose in some ways, do we gain in others....


  A slightly old man,

 who I first thought was making a nursance for the Shamisen (Japanese guitar) player,

eneded up being one of the local forces supporting Shamisen, Fue, & Taiko drum playing.

He was so intense about supporting the Shamisen player!!! - thank you so much for your care & positive comments sir.

He said "it doesn't matter which country, town or village you go to, the local music & ways are so important"

Having a conversation on the same topic with a very nice young French man several days later,

we all think it is such a treasure to hear different instruments, language, stories (and jokes).

It's what makes travellers respect hosts...


I wish I could speak the tongues & play the music of my roots...


Today we heard 'The Shamisen'... 

Such a funny sound, purposily de-tuned instrument - you have got to smile when you hear it^-^.

...possibly a little like playing No.8 wire in New Zealand hi hi hi