Learning from Nature

These days using the web has become an important source of information.

It is a fast way for finding infomation on many topics in a hurry.

This helps us know what other people are thinking about quickly....

If humans knew everything it would be the holy-bible for all - a collection of all knowledge.

Unfortunately we do no know everything and I suggest we look at other sources also before making up our minds about something.


From the most scientific to even social orientated topics sometimes the best information is the simplist - raw data.... or in other words mother nature.

Your DS3-game may warp pictures, and give you another view of things around you, but not much point if it's all imaginery.

Mother nature is like an anchor point that we need to come back to sometimes. 

Just like to be healthy we need to eat^-^.


A century ago when Rutherford studied about small things at Auckland University he did not have a high speed internet connection did he?

What he saw, small natural things moving, he saw first hand.

He saw bending of atomic particles, just like rainbows bend light

    - it's difficult to imaginine that living in a place such as Auckland City,

                 that nature had no effect on his thinking.

Unfornately the huge atomic power he unleashed is sometimes used as an Atomic weapon...

    ..in the future we will all need to remember that mother nature is more powerful than anything we can do.

Balance is somehow important...


Mother nature is maybe like the referee,

she controls what we can do and get away with,

         and for what penalties.

She can teach us many neat little tricks that may change our world^-^-.