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Reuters on Earthquake & Nuclear issues

NHK World 

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Russia Today Youtube reports on Fukushima Nuclear Explosions 

US Navy & Tsunami / Nuclear issue

Shawn Bernard Comments on spreading characteristics of Fukushima

MIT Nuclear 

New Zealand Embassy Travel Info to Japan

"As a precautionary measure we also advise New Zealanders within 80km of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to evacuate the area."

US Emabassy

Radiation information link for recent earthquake

National Institute of Raditation Sciences Japan

Nuclear & Industrial Safety Agency Japan

International Atomic Energy Agency web site report on Chernobyl


March 16:  Yudanaka is directly un-affected by earthquake / tsunami /nuclear plant

But restrictions on gasoline & kerosene.  Gasoline 10L/day. Kerosene 20L/day.

Panic buying of lights / batteries / water tanks / toilet paper / rice / cup noodles in all shops.

Heavy snow falling on Yudanaka -Shigakogen now - see video here.

We are watching wind direction very seriously.

Understand nuclear fallout should be a serious issue for 1 - 2weeks.

Expect nuclear fallout to clear at start of April.

After Nuclear Issues are settled we need assistance 

- Please tell your friends to visit Japan, especially the Snow Monkeys & Nagano!

Because travel routes are cut right now our finances are also cut: WE NEED VISITORS TO NAGANO