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Morse code mnemonics

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Because associating letters and numbers with audible "dits" and "dahs" can be difficult, many people have developed mnemonics to help remember the Morse code equivalent of characters.

Many different mnemonics can be created for the same subject matter and no one mnemonic is the definitive way to learn Morse code.

Syllabic Mnemonics

Syllabic Mnemonics based on the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Other Syllabic Mnemonics

Visual Mnemonic

Slavic languages

In the Czech language, the mnemonic device to remember Morse codes lies in remembering words that begin with each appropriate letter and has so called long vowel (i.e. á é í ó ú ý) for every dash and short vowel (a e i o u y) for every dot. Additionally, some other theme-related sets of words have been thought out as Czech folklore.

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