Taka, Tomi or Chogenbo?


This is a bird I found on the Obuse-Ohashi bridge after it had been hit by a truck.

It looked like a piece of rubbish with wings...with eyes!!

It was the size of my hand, about 20cm long with really big cute eyes.

I felt a bit sorry for it so took it to the reserve at the end of the bridge.

When I came back a few hours later it was gone, so hope it found it's parents or way home.

Just very cute, that's why I have put it up here.^-^


2009_0605:  Dr Oishi and partner have just told us that many Chogenbo nest on the Obuse-Ohashi-Bridge where this cutey was picked up,  so it may infact be a Chogenbo....???



 What kind of bird is this???