50k Mountain Run

Possibly one of Shigakogens most extreme events: 

3 days of running over rough ground through the alpine forest...

I'll deffinately  be a starter for next year !!!

2009 Official page

2010 Official page

There are some real serious events here,

I look forward to giving regular updates.

A guy I met on the train in Tokyo was all smiles about the event...

I kind of sense there's something special here^-^

The heart skips a beat and I'm on... see you at the start line buddy

(I didn't catch your name, but the Densha-otoko with the Kona Ironman Cap and bike - Cheers for the inspiration)


Thanks also to Kanai-san at the Yudanaka Village Office Tourism Department for detailed information^-^.

For other Yudanaka Village news try http://www.town.yamanouchi.nagano.jp/


Not sure what shape or form, but hope to be there on the juice next year^-^.