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LEFT:     Inspector (CPM
RIGHT:  RADEX RD1706 (μSv/h)

Los Angeles Radiation LIVE - Read carefully: looks like we are safer in Nagano!!
  Inspector (CPM

"As a precautionary measure we also advise New Zealanders within 80km of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to evacuate the area."

Radiation information link for recent earthquake

March 16:  Yudanaka is directly un-affected by earthquake / tsunami /nuclear plant
But restrictions on gasoline & kerosene.  Gasoline 10L/day. Kerosene 20L/day.
Panic buying of lights / batteries / water tanks / toilet paper / rice / cup noodles in all shops.
We are watching wind direction very seriously.
Understand nuclear fallout should be a serious issue for 1 - 2weeks.
Expect nuclear fallout to clear at start of April.
After Nuclear Issues are settled we need assistance 
- Please tell your friends to visit Japan, especially the Snow Monkeys & Nagano!
Because travel routes are cut right now our finances are also cut: WE NEED VISITORS TO NAGANO
Telephone 080-6938-3361
Email craig@forestrescue.com