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Today we were all lucky when Yoshiko spotted something moving just after someone had told a semi-true ghost story about a Half WereWolf, half Goat creature that roams the forests out of sight in ShigaKogen.
"Not many people have ever seen the mysterious freak of nature- at night it morphs into something beyond imagination..." is it a true story?
If you believe, can it happen?...a little spooky

ShigaKogen Ghost Story


ShigaKogen Ghost Story 2

If you mix a goat, a wolf, and a cow, this is what you might expect.
Very interesting name, Kamo usually means Duck in Japanese,
and Shika - deer.
Duck-deer....what a perfect name!
Also not exactly the strongest team in the Japan Baseball League,
but the Nagano Grand Serows is the English equalivent. 
I was lucky enough to meet The Grand Serows new Fast pitcher Otake-san the other day.
He is really built. 
No wonder he pitches at 145km/h!!
The picture taken was from across the valley at Snow Monkey Park with my friend Terry & family.
Below the Kamo-shika was about a 100meter ++ drop.
Very Nimble aminal, if not the prettiest.