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Season is changing, spring has come and Chogenbo-babies have started jumping from the nest and practising flying....and crash landing!!!
Chogenbo-babies are fed inside the nest:
Above Dr. Mami Ohishi was kind enough to tell Nanaka & Yuyuka all about Chogenbo & bird life.  They are now 'Chogenbo-experts'.  Dr Ohnishi is also an expert on Toki.
This is what the new swimming hole looks like.....
I'm not quite sure that construction workers knew they were actually building a swimming hole for us, most appreciated^-^.
A little bigger than the real Chougenbo....picture below:
Locals are enthusiastic about bird watching,  and this is no exception.
If you are interested, bring a good zoom lense,
a tent and some acceptable coffee and we'll be ready^-^.
Heavy reconstruction of the riverbed has now been completed. 
There's actually a swimming hole right there too Roger & Ruth^-^.
Thanks so much for the photo.