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Antenna Workshop

October 2009
 JA0FSE put on another show of technical marvelry,
the character's that come out of the wood work for these get togethers is astounding!!
From all round the district Ham's come to exchange ideas on 'how to build the perfect antenna'.
Today, amoung other neat things, using an overhead bridge as a 'tower' looked to be a very fast and convenient way to setup in the field.
Also JA0FSE's portable / moble setup was equally interesting,  just the little details that you really have to see to get a feel for.

Getting 2  very clear contacts with an Australian station, and a Russian station using JA0DCQ's Loop antenna on 21MHz was a highlght for me. 


JA0FSEs Beam for 15, 20 & 40m

Taps for different bands

80m with capacitor cap

Antenna equalivant circuit from JA0DCQ
May 2009 (?)
We all enjoyed getting together for a brainstorming session down by the Chikuma river recently:
This was one neat idea for feeding a dipole.
It was a volunteer effort, and great to see so many guys come out of the woodwork.